Sweetie Wed NRI Movie Review

 “Sweetie Weds NRI” is a fun fresh take on young love. It’s a quirky, funny romantic comedy that Bollywood is famous for.

Sweetie is played by the lovely Zoya Afroz. This is her first film as an adult actor. Aforz, has already had an established career in film and TV as a child actor.

Sweetie is young, beautiful and independent. She wants nothing more than to have fun and live her life. The thought of marriage is the last thing on her mind.

However, for her father that’s all he thinks about it finding the best match for his daughter. So, it’s basically the story of a young girl whose family wants her to marry someone she’s never met.

You will follow Sweetie and her intended and betrothed. As well as the other men that seem to come into her life right before she is supposed to get married. Love triangles from of course and hearts are broken in the meantime.

The “NRI” quickly falls in love with Sweetie and we will see he will do anything to prove that. Even if he ends up stopping the wedding and making himself look like a fool for love he will do it to win Sweetie’s heart.

With a beautiful marriage and wedding already arranged and planned out the perfect details. What could possibly go wrong?

The road to preparing to go down to the aisle might be bumpier than most of them could imagine.

Mishaps, confusion and chaos irrupt as the wedding draws closer. It’s a funny look at just how well-planned weddings can be life always throws in some surprises.


The film’s plot is written by Tariq Mohammad as well as the story, dialogue and screenplay. Tariq also lent his skills to the production staff of the film.

Hasnain Hyderabadwala is the director for Hyderabadwala has six other films under his belt as a director. As well as the highly rated historical television series “Razia Sultan.” His films have ranged from comedies to romances and even political thrillers. Now, with “Sweetie Weds NRI” he is back to the non-traditional romantic comedy.


Music for the film includes the talents of Raaj Aashoo, Sha Jahan Ali, Jaidev Kumar, Palash Muchal, Arko and Pravo Mukherjee.

The talented singer from Pakistan Atif Aslam showcases a  new romantic song for the film. “Musafir” has received a great response. “Musafir” had over all million views on YouTube when it was first released. The song really showcases the journey of love the couple takes during the movie. It embodies the romance, the longing, and of course the heartbreak of the relationship.

The soundtrack includes a wide variety of songs that take you along with the journey of the film.

The film includes over nine tracks. Featuring, a few upbeat dance tracks, traditional sounds, and our course the romantic ballads.

Film Details:

Genre: Bollywood, Hindi, Drama, Romance, Comedy

Cast: Himansh Kohli, Zoya Afroz, Darshan Jariwala, Kiran Juneja

Director:    Hasnain Hyderabadwala

Writer/Screenplay: Tariq Mohammad

Producers: Sada Bhuvad, Cyrus Dastur, Tariq Mohammad, Dhaval Patel and Sharad Patel.

Production Company: Asmiy Entertainment, Grand Motion Pictures

Release Date:  June 2nd, 2017

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Bachche Kachche Sacche Movie Review

The title “Bachche Kachche Sachche” means we do what we see.

The story and film focus on a research study and survey that took place over two years. The survey takers went to many locations to gather data. The goal of the study was to take a deeper look at the behavior of young Indian adults.

The cast of the film is a group of nine kids. However, throughout the filming include over one thousand kids in its production.

Also, adding to many people looking toward the release of the film some well know actors have been included in the cast. Ashish Vidyarthi who is a national film award winner and Dilwale fame Mukesh Tiwari. These are wonderful established actors with will no doubt bring authenticity to the film.

The film is told in a heartwarming, inspirational and educational way.

Filming took place at over 100 plus locations. With the primary locations being throughout Mumbai. However, the film also branched out not only throughout Mumbai but around the world. With locations including New Jersey, New York City, Virginia and even Budapest.

Music for the film includes four songs on the soundtrack. Songs included are Tere Pass Yeh Nahi Voh Nahi, Zindagi, Waqt, and the title song, Bachche Kachche Sachche. With the movie, main theme shooting was a feat taking five days throughout locations in Mumbai.

The film takes on the importance of education in children’s lives. But, it showcases it in a light and funny way. There are good messages throughout the film that parents and kids can get behind as well. Even though, the movie does have a serious plot its told in a light-hearted way.

To make the film even more impactful social justice and community advocate Sri Anna Hazare will make a surprising cameo in the film.


This will be a film that the whole family will enjoy seeing. Then they can begin to discuss even further the topics that it brought up. How education effects and impacts a child and a family’s future. Certainly, a film that encourages the importance of education at any level. Promoting thankfulness for those who have access to studies as well as helping those who aren’t able to.

Also, showing the importance of families and parents is a good example for their children. As it says, “We do what we see.” Children learn by example and by their parenting modeling good behavior for their children.

This is a good story about kids dreams and hopes as well.

Film Details:

Genre: Bollywood, Hindi, Drama, True Story, Bio-Pics

Cast: Ashish Vidyardhi, Mukesh Tiwari, Aryan Kataria, Bhavesh Babani, Chirag Bolakani, Lokashit Patnaik, Yash Chugh, Nikunj Pondaya, Nishikanth, Atif, Tarannum Shaikh & Isha Sharma

Director:    Ravi Sadsivuni

Writer/Screenplay: Ravi Sadsisvuni

Producers: Meena Udanda and Ravi Sadsivuni

Production Company: Zee Music Company, M/S. Ravees

Runtime: 2 hours and 1o minutes

Release Date:  June 2nd, 2017



Official  YouTube Trailer:

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Behen Hogi Teri Movie Review

“Behen Hogi Teri” means, she must be your sister. This is an Indian Romantic Comedy Film.

The film starts and begins to follow the premise that every girl or woman needs to be treated either like your mother or your sister. This is the mantra of the surrounding community.

However, unfortunately for Gattu beautiful  Binny  is the girl of his dreams.

He is in love with Binny and not in a familial way. He has loved her ever since they were little. He has been after her since then even though she has never reciprocated even in the slightest. She toys with him and his emotions. She knows very well what she is doing to him.

Binny is beautiful, smart, and a very independent girl. So, it’s no wonder that everyone is infatuated by her. Since she is single many guys are wanting to marry her. So, there is a love triangle between her and three guys.

Everyone is looking for a good match and a groom for Binny. All of the eligible bachelors and their families are involved.

Gattu, since he knows Binny so well is entrusted with things to do for Binny. However, these are expected to be done by a male in the family like a brother. Poor Gattu, he views these tasks as a way to please Binny, do things for her. He is ultimately trying to get closer to her by doing these things.

So, since he has known her all his life and is a true friend no one even considers him to be a match for him.

The anguish he must feel as all of these eligible bachelors and their families are trying to be considered for Binny.

He ultimately decides to stand up for himself and not let them walk over him. We then see him work to show just how much he is in love with Binny. He must really prove to not only her but the whole community that he really is the best choice for her as a life partner.

Throughout the film, you can see how he goes from a guy to being walked in by Binny. To being more assertive and professing his love in a better way for her.

Binny has many choices for a suitable mate for her. But will she end up choosing the right one for her?

Music for the film is arranged and composed by Rishi Rich, Jaidev Kumar,  Amjad-Nadeem, Kaushik-Akash- Guddu, Jam Eight and Yo Yo Honey Singh

This film isn’t a music heavy or focused like many Bollywood movies are. The film only has one or two songs on it.

So, if you enjoy a funny romantic comedy film type then “Behen Hogi Teri” is definitely for you!

Film Details:

Genre: Bollywood, Hindi, Drama, Romance, Comedy

Cast: Rupa Agrawal, Gulshan Grover, Gautam Gulati

Director:    Ajay Pannalal

Writer/Screenplay: Sanchit Gupta, Vinit Vyas

Producers: Tony D’Souza, Amul Vikas Mohan, Nitin Updahyaya

Production Company: Oddball Motion Pictures,

Release Date:  June 2nd, 2017





Official YouTube Trailer: